Velta Hand Dryer Is High Tech, But Is It Better Than My Pants?

Paper towels kill poor defenseless trees and electric hand dryers use up a lot of energy, so there really isn’t a perfect solution to the wet hands bathroom crisis. Veltia is trying to change all that with their space age hand dryer.

The Veltia draws in cold air from the atmosphere which saves on energy and makes it difficult for bacteria to breed and multiply. It also dries both sides of the hand evenly in as little as 10-15 seconds – or so they claim. It sounds great, but when it comes to hand dryers, the pants usually do the bulk of the work. A good “Velta vs. Pants Challenge” would go a long way in convincing me.

Price: £360.00 ($683)

Via: Veltia and Inventor Spot


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  • jj

    i dont want to wait 10-15 seconds, try counting to 15 and see if you want to hang around in a smelly bathroom that long

  • Sean Fallon

    That’s why pants still rule.


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