Bed Rifle Rack: Convienent Shotgun Access For The Modern Hick


The “Back Up” is a simple gun rack that fits under your bed mattress, so there really isn’t much to it–it just makes me laugh. The idea is that you have easy access to your shotgun at night in the event you are attacked by thieves or a sweet deer that would look good over your mantle. The fact that it even exists is hilarious, and so is the commercial available in the product link above.

Price: $39.95

Via: Crunchgear


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  • Kenneth Johnson

    Well, great! It took another couple clicks to find the product page, but thanks to you I did. I am, of course, an Uber-Hick in the sticks who thinks this is an excellent concept. One of those fellows whom you think barely intelligent enough to draw breath, you know. However, $50 for a piece of plastic is a bit much for me, so I think I’ll build mine own.

    Shouldn’t be too hard.

    Thanks for the public service. :-)

  • jon

    Only a hick would think “It can’t happen to me” or “I’ll just call the police or sherriff”. They will get there in time to bag your dead body! I had a home invasion in the middle of the night. They came armed, That shows intent to kill. I just happen to meet them with a shotgun. There shots penetrated walls, went into the neighbors house. Mine didn’t. But the 12 gauge #6 bird shot penetrated there bodies enough to do some serious damage. By the way, there were 3 of them, all armed. And just one of me. I suppose I am a hick for defending myself and not just laying down to die.

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  • James

    The Back up is engenius … It has given me a way to safely store my shotgun so that it is always within arms reach.. If I did get broken into, I would be able to protect myself now, whereas before I was just kidding myself to think that I would be able to get up under my bed and get my gun, as well as load it and get ready to fire without making a sound and alerting an intruder!!


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