Expensive Swiss Army Knives with the Works

The Ludicrously Large Wenger Evo Giant

Swiss Army Knives used to have a certain geeky goodness and in a way they still do. In recent years, however, we have seen them dramatically eclipsed by other more capable multi-tools. There are still a few good ones out there though. Swiss Army Knife makers Wenger and Victorinox have both created some over-the-top anniversary models. Wenger’s Evo Giant is by far the most ludicrous. It features 85 tools which are said to be able to perform 110 functions. The Wenger model came to my attention thanks to Think Geek.

The Victorinox Swiss Champ is a little more sensibly sized and priced, though it only has 80 functions. We are guessing that there are a few on the Wenger that you can probably do without, especially since it is so big that you would never actually be able to use it. The Victorinox model is also a little more reasonably priced.

Think Geek is selling the Wenger model for a touch under $1,000. I am calling shenanigans as I see that the Wenger Evo Giant ships from Switzerland for $792.00 If you opt for priority shipping (4-10 days), it is free. The Victorinox Swiss Champ will hit you for a total of $291.20, also with free priority shipping. I have no idea why Think Geek tried to overcharge by so much, the links will take you to the much more reasonably priced Swiss Knife Shop.

The more reasonably sized Victorinox Swiss Champ

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