Ferrari Sells Its Soul to Segway

Ferrari Segway

There once was a time when I considered the top five things that I would buy if I was suddenly to fall into wealth. A Ferrari was up there until five minutes ago when I discovered that they had pimped out a Segway with their diabolical Ferrari red and sexy Scuderia logo. Now, I guess I will have to get a pimped out Ferrari Segway instead. The story behind it is quite interesting. Apparently, Ferrari staff are in love with the Segway, they use them to transport themselves around Ferrari’s Maranello plant.

If you ignore what it is for a moment and look at the pluses, you might even see yourself riding a Limited Edition Ferrari Segway PT-I2. The non-marking tires so you can use them inside are a treat; you can see yourself riding up and down the stairs at work, avoiding everyone in the elevator. It could cut the minimal amount of exercise you get down to zero as you coast everywhere effortlessly and in silence. Then you wake up and realize it is a Segway, a really, really expensive Segway.

The fact is though that for many people, the Segway is an expensive and unnecessary convenience that makes you look like a complete tool. What was Ferrari thinking? I don’t care for the leather wrapped handlebars, I don’t care for the gleaming red paint job, it will only draw more attention.

Like most forms of transportation the Limited Edition Ferrari Segway PT-I2 is expensive. It will set you back around $10,000.

Sources: Ferrari via Crunch Gear


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