Low End Projector Goodness From Alien Tech

Alien Tech LCD Projector

There has been a serious drought of interesting technology of late, but it could be ending.  Just yesterday, we saw the remote control Havoc helicopters and today we have an Alien Tech LCD video projector that touches down for a very reasonable price.  80 inches is all the space that you will need to project a six-foot image onto a wall or screen in your home.  At a mere 1.5kg, it is also relatively portable.  If you want to take your gaming goodness into another room, you can.

At a relatively inexpensive price, you are not going to be getting a high definition projector, but it is important to remember that you do not always need one.  For a high school student with a McJob, the latest and greatest LCD creations are simply beyond reach.  This Alien Tech projector is an affordable way to get some big screen action happening.  Unfortunately it is not shipping to the States or Japan, so it does not look like I will be getting my hands on one anytime soon.

Price: approximately $300 at today’s exchange rates

Source: I Want One Of These via Ubergizmo


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  • Nate

    I got one of these at BJs for $150. Its completely not worth it. Hooked it up to my BeyondTV rig, and the picture is readble, but the text isnt even close.

  • Dave Echelberger

    eVo v1.2 Projector
    Product Details
    Resolution: 800×480 native, supports 640×480, 800×600 or 1024×768
    Lamp: 6,000 hour 150W HID
    Lamp replacement cost: $30.00
    Power: 90-260V / 50-60 HZ
    Inputs: Component, Composite (RCA), S-Video, VGA (PC)
    Supports: PAL, NTSC
    Keystone correction ±15°
    Picture rotation for ceiling mounting
    Manual focus adjustment
    Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (15:9)
    Dimensions: 260(W)×330(L)×120(H)mm
    Weight: 5.8kg
    Body color: White
    Remote Control
    OSD Menu
    One-year limited warranty (lamp included)

    Yes, that did say $30 lamp. If you need a well built, good quality projector for $500 that doesn’t cost another $500 every year for a bulb…

  • http://downatmoment Aaron

    Just seen these advertised for around $300.00 at the Warehouse in New Zealand and was wondering if Nate or any others whom have purchased this were projecting it on a blank wall or tried using a piece of MDF board or cheap roll down PVC roman blind spray painted a normal gloss silver like you do with TV projectors to give a better gain to the picture. or is it just generally crap? There are hardly any reviews on these on the net.

    I haven’t purchased one myself, though was considering it. I am sure we will see a whole lot of reviews soon on The Warehouse is a large chain store here in NZ so if they are crap they will probably be writing in bitching about them lol. I await the reviews

  • nate

    make sure they have a return policy. i projected it on a white wall and a white ceiling. neither was even close to satisfactory. YMMV.

  • Rob

    Dave: I got one of these used and the bulb (I think) is dead. It looks just like a bulb you would use for track lighting. Is it easy to find? Also – have you found any info about this company online? Can’t believe there isn’t a website.

  • Ty

    I was thinking about buying one, but can you buy one if you live in the US or is it just over seas?

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