Vampire 2 Wingsuit: You’re Already Doing Something Stupid, Why Not Look The Part?

Vampire 2 Wingsuit

The Vampire 2 Wingsuit from Phoenix-Fly is designed to help base-jumpers and skydivers increase the time they spend in free-fall. Typically, the human body reaches a terminal velocity between 180 and 225 km/h (111 and 139 mph) while plummeting to the ground. However, with the Vampire 2, speeds of 60-95 km/h (37-59 mph) are achievable thanks to the lift generated by the unique bird-like design.

If you are a serious thrill-seeker, the Vampire 2 may be right up your alley. Just keep in mind that when your chute doesn’t open you will have a little more time to think about your impeding doom.

Price: $1250

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