A Clockwork Laptop

Datamancer Laptop

Steam punk stuff has a mixed appeal. Those of us who don’t quite get it can still appreciate it when its done right and I have to say that this Steam Punk Laptop is done very, very nicely. The wooden box that houses the Hewlett Packard ZT1000 is a perfect match. The brass highlights and more impressively, the copper keys are just the right touch. Turn a key to start it up and rest your wrists on some leather wrist pads, old school ergonomics.

Some other touches really set this apart from other steam punk creations. The top of the box features a glass panel, which houses assorted watch parts and then there are the brass claw feet which I have to say were just what the doctor ordered. This is nice, so much steam punk stuff is over done but Datamancer has put together a very aesthetically pleasing combination here. Note that the Datamancer link was actually dead at the time I researched this, I am throwing it in anyway just in case the site was down temporarily.

Datamancer Clockwork Datamancer Keyboard Datamancer Closeup

Sources: MAKE via Technabob


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