A Rocking Gaming Desktop from Saitek

Saitek Cyborg Keyboard

Saitek has released two new products that ought to give any first person shooter freak something to smile about. The Cyborg line which was previously limited to a gamepad and a keypad has now been expanded to included a very slick looking keyboard and gaming mouse.

Starting with the Cyborg Keyboard, it features multi-color back lighting that allows you to set your own backlighting colors and adjust brightness. This is not essential, but makes life easier if you enjoy playing in a darkened room. You can also light commonly used gaming keys separately. There are twelve macro keys which should be enough for most gamers. Commonly used gaming keys are reinforced with metal plated key caps. USB, audio and microphone sockets are included in the keyboard and the wrist rest and rake angle are adjustable at both front a back. The thing that Saitek has done which I greatly approve of is boosting up the specs of the gaming areas of the keyboard, but leaving the rest of the keyboard rather standard. The multiple key press enhancements are only in the gaming parts of the board, you don’t need them anywhere else, anything to keep the cost down is a good thing. Price-wise it is not as cheap as we would like and that would make choosing it over similar keyboards from Logitech and Razer a rather difficult proposition.

Saitek Cyborg Mouse

You might have seen the Cyborg Mouse on a few other sites already. It has the features that we have come to expect of a good quality gaming mouse. It is 3200 dpi, has 2 macro buttons, a programmable 4 way hat switch an adjustable scroll wheel, weighting and an adjustable grip. I think that the Microsoft Sidewinder just beats it in the looks department, but the Saitek offering is a little cheaper.

Price: $80 for the keyboard and $60 for the mouse


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