Built in Coffee Systems from Dacor for Folks Who Really Love their Coffee

Dacor In Built Coffee Maker

If you really love your coffee, and by love I mean, love it as much as a 50-inch high definition television, then either of the Dacor built in coffee makers could be right for you. They have two models; one, the CM24P is plumbed into the water system of your house, so you never have to fill it. Their other model, the CM24T sports a five liter reservoir, which might be a better idea if the water quality in your neck of the woods sucks. The specs are listed as they appear on the site below:

  • Coffee Maker Flushing System (ACFS) included for simple cleaning at regular intervals.
  • Completely automated grinding and brewing system
  • Stylish stainless steel finish with illuminated serving area
  • Large capacity – Plumbed option ensures continuous water supply
  • All metal interior construction
  • Adjustable height dispenser accepts mugs up to 5-1/2″ tall
  • One-touch cleaning program
  • 2 boilers for continuous hot water supply and steamed milk
  • One-touch electronic control panel and fully integrated frothing system
  • Dishwasher safe, removable spill tray
  • Programmable functions for customized drinks
  • Pull-out compartment for one-quart milk carton
  • Integrated storage for cups and saucers with natural warming function
  • Accepts whole bean (up to 1 lb.) and ground coffee
  • Drink Options: Espresso, Double Expresso, Coffee (whole bean and ground), Cafe Latte, Latte (steamed milk), Cappuccino (truly automatic with self-frothing function)
  • Hot Water Dispenser for tea and hot chocolate
  • By all means check out the Dacor site, there is some interesting stuff on there. Just be warned that it is not Firefox friendly, IE6 and above or the Java script screws up.

    Prices: The CM24P will slug you $2,969 while the CM24T is slightly cheaper at $2,755. Both models are available from Homeclick.

    Source: Dacor, Crib Candy


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    • Kharla

      Stylish Convenience and delicious coffee! Dacor CM24T
      We installed this unit in our office showroom and it is awesome. The convenience can’t be beat. The huge 5 liter tank system holds plenty of water and we don’t have the concerns of plumbing leaks or the filter storage that the plumbed unit requires. DACOR is a great brand and the unit looks wonderful in the cabinetry. We also got this unit brand new at a fantastic savings on ebay so the purchase was an easy decision. The coffee brew is delicious and our clients have been impressed with this addition. Clean up is simple and convenient.

    • http://None Bob

      We cannot believe they still sell this machine. There is a rash of these machines breaking and boilers repeatedly failing. Horor stories.


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