Extreme Range Bluetooth with the Callpod Dragon

Callpod Dragon

If the Callpod Dragon can live up to its claims of having a 100 meter range, then it is an absolute monster of a device. 100 meters is a long way. It’s long enough for me to leave in my desk while I wonder around the company. It’s long enough to leave in a bag, while you jog around a football field. It is long enough to do a lot of things, but it won’t get anyone used to seeing someone jabbering into apparently thin air.

I’ve been long putting off the headset option, but perhaps it is now time. After all, it is highly illegal in most countries to use your cell phone whilst driving and with good reason; the amount of times I have had near fatalities thanks to dumkopfs to distracted by their cell phones never ceases to amaze me.

Price: A very reasonable $100

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