Open It, Jaws of Life for Blister Packs

Open it

The most over-packaged device that I bought recently was a pair of Razer HD-1 5.1 channel headphones. In my haste to extract my hard earned gaming booty, I lacerated my finger in a fairly nasty but minor way. It hurt as it did the time before and the time before that. Open It is a purpose built tool for preventing exactly the kind of mishaps that I just mentioned. It features some powerful looking steel jaws, a retractable utility blade and a screwdriver. That should be everything you need for tearing into every type of package known to man.

Price: $12 from Amazon

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    This tool should also come with a helmet and pair of goggles, for those of you that actually need a special tool to open this type of packaging. Seriously a pair of scissors works ever time. Make sure to read the manual on how to properly use a pair of scissors before attempting this dangerous act. I also recommend that you have a friend or relative next to you in the event that you start bleeding out and need a tourinquette.


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