Pinnacle’s Hi Def Media Streamer Looks a Low Priced Treat

Show Center

There are ton of ways to stream media from your PC to your TV, but Pinnacle is hoping that you will choose their ShowCenter 250HD to do the job. It has a lot going for it, both wired and wireless (b/g) connectivity and support for a range of formats.

The formats that the ShowCenter can handle include:

MP3, WMA, WMA Pro, WMA lossless, WMA-DRM, PCM WAV uncompressed, Windows Media Video 9, WMV-DRM, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVI, DivX, XviD files, as well as high-defenition WMV 9, DivX HD and MPEG-4.

Where I believe that this product goes wrong is with the failure to include FLAC support. FLAC is fast becoming the lossless format of choice for music buffs. The other thing that was noticeably absent was an HDMI port. HDMI would have unquestionably raised the price a little bit, but for the performance advantages that it offers, one would think it to be a nice inclusion.

Price: $200

Source: Electronic House


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