Cooking Fuel to Oil With FuelPod2


Biodiesel is an interesting fuel type. Unfortunately, here in Japan the government does not make it easy to get diesel cars, so it is not really an option, but it is definitely something I want to look into when I get back to Australia. The FuelPod2 allows the fuel hungry environmentalist to produce up to 50 liters of usable biodiesel per day from cooking oil. That much oil might not be easy to come by, but if you are able to get it, you should be able to fuel your vehicle for a song.

Price: $3,620

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  • Juergen

    So what does this device ACTUALLY do, apart from maybe filtering out the remains of your fries out of the oil?

    You can take bottles of vegetable oil and run your Diesel-engine with that already – no cooking or other treatment is required at all. Ever wondered why owners of fast-food shops drive diesels? 😉

  • Anon

    Juergen I believe you are somewhat misinformed. Check and

    A stock diesel automobile can run on biodiesel (which is slightly processed, used vegetable oil) but requires modifications to run on straight vegetable oil.

  • Juergen

    Anon, looks like we are both correct – Wikipedia states that cars are modified to run on vegetable oil, but that technically it IS possible to run just about any diesel engine on it – the degree of side effects will vary.

    All I can tell is that the owner of a fast food place near where I lived used to use the oil in his friers in his old Mercedes back in the 1980s, way before those modifications became available… he gave the tax people quite a headscratcher, as fuel is taxed, but the tax is specifically for “mineral oil” :-)

  • C. S. Magor

    Running on regular old vegetable oil is possible, you can get conversion kits for that and they are relatively inexpensive. Removing the impurities from the oil should, however, result in an end product that is cleaner burning. Even if you are using vegetable oil it should be properly filtered. It seems that the FuelPod2 is a highly efficient filtration system. Oil filters very slowly and having a device to speed it up is great news for everyone concerned.

  • Zack

    So, this new FuelPod2 is to filter oils from restuarants used oil and then make it clean and filtered for fuel, and sells for $3,620? Why not just filter your own? The kits you can buy to do this already have filters (most of them if not all.) that will do this. Plus the kits are probably cheaper or if not the same price and it not only filters it, it has all the other components to make the veggie oil work with the bio-diesel cars.


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