USB Business Card… Nah I don’t Think So!

USB Business Card

The USB business card is dumb. I use business cards. I have a friend who is an awesome graphic designer. She does me a good deal and I get to have the coolest looking business cards out of anyone that I know. I have had a few and have pretty much nailed the crucial information to have on them. Cell phone, not house phone, just in case. A URL and a couple of email addresses and my name in big bold letters to make me feel important. English on one side, Japanese on the other and no doodads to spoil the effect. The color scheme is a bold blue, white and gray. Why on earth would I want some USB enabled gimmick. I like the fact that my business card is a piece of high quality cardboard that does not cost very much but looks impressive.

I don’t need something that people can stick into their computers. Yeah, this could very well be the way of the future, but I am very happy with the present and not seeking to move out of my comfort zone. Thanks but no thanks M++Card, your idea sucks.

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C.S. Magor is the editor-in-chief and reporter at large for Uberreview and We Interrupt. He currently resides in a sleepy basin town in the Japanese countryside - where both his bank balance and the lack of space in his home are testament to his addiction to all things shiny.

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  • Kat

    Wow, way to make me want to unsubscribe. A tad more objectivity would be nice, but what really killed your review for me was the first and last lines… “it is dumb” and “your idea sucks.” No, it doesn’t suck. YOU will pass on this idea, but that doesn’t mean everyone else will.

  • C. S. Magor

    You are right Kat, I WILL pass on this idea and you are a much better sport about my outrageous opinions than some Halo3 fans would be if I told them that their favorite game sucks.  And I suspect that you are only mildly miffed as you wrote “almost unsubscribe” this leads me to believe that you perhaps see the logic in my judgment? You are right that this article is not objective, my articles seldom are.

    For the record, radio playing toasters suck, blender alarm clocks suck and so too do USB oil burners. If you will indulge me the time it takes to read this, I will explain my opinions to you.

    See that little attachment in the picture? I am assuming that you are not expected to give one of those away with every card so it means everyone must have M++Card adapters or what is the point? Am I wrong? Is this not merely another mishmash of unrelated technologies in order to try and turn a quick buck. It is not a profoundly intelligent product and I would say that it is likely a safe assumption that it has been thought of before but never put into practice because it is not a practical idea.

    But of course these are only my somewhat far from humble opinions, I invite disagreement when I give them. That is the beauty of them. Plenty of people will disagree with me and I encourage them to.

    I think it is quite obviously MY opinion and when I say IT sucks people logically infer that I think that it sucks. I do not pretend to speak for everybody, never have, never will.

    Would it be any more objective if I wrote “I think it sucks?” I think not. Opinions are entirely subjective, that is what is so great about them. In fact you stated a subjective opinion when you said, “No, it doesn’t suck.” If you wrote that I don’t believe it sucks it would be more in line with how you would have me write.

    Take the two following sentences:
    I believe opinions are entirely subjective.


    Opinions are entirely subjective.

    Which sentence reads stronger? I would say the latter. Things like “I think” and “It is my opinion” only get in the way of the true meaning of what I am trying to put across. They dilute my intention and that is something that I will not bear. When I see a product that I really don’t like; one that I think is a complete waste of resources both human and natural, I make my feelings known in no uncertain terms.

    I stand by my statement that the M++Card idea sucks, but I do wholeheartedly concede that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

    Thank you for your comments, they are always welcome, perhaps I am a sadist but I always welcome a good clean verbal joust. Feel free to let rip.

  • William Tully

    No, you’re right, the idea sucks. USB business card – sure, it isn’t a horrible idea, however, the moment someone decided that you need an adapter to go with it – bad idea. We already have credit card size USB drives that fit in your wallet and don’t need another stupid adapter…

    At what point does Extra Adapter = Good Idea?!

    Ooooh, but it’s so slim and refined… Yes, but completely useless to anyone who doesn’t have the fancy adapter. If you want to give away say, 50 of these cards – yes you could likely carry them in some sort of pocket for a special networking occasion, yet where do you stick the 50 bloody adapters your potential clients will need to actually be able to access the PDFs they really don’t want to read anyways?

    This idea is simply the bastard offspring of the business card CD which we saw a lot of years ago which were only great if you had a CD drive with a tray that slid out in some fashion.. Got just a slot to insert your CDs (ie. MAC)? No lame PDFs or poorly designed PowerPoints for you! Just a repair bill to get the stupid thing out again…

  • A F

    I think depending on what industry you work in this would either work for you or not. Not even the computer, as widely used as it is, is used by everyone. I work in advertising and with the growing trend/future of being environmentally friendly, this is a great way to present yourself as tech savy, green living, and an individual who isn’t looking in the past. You wouldn’t beleive how much paper is wasted on printing porfolios.

  • William Tully

    Yes, I’m sure that plastic, silicon, and industrial ink is MUCH more Earth-friendly than using vegetable-based inks on ground up renewable trees… Last time I checked, printed portfolios are recyclable where as my USB drive isn’t…

  • Alberto Woods

    I agree with AF. In my business we need to show our portifolio to clients in the moment of selling and this could be an excellent solution for the client compare my works with the ones offered by other companies. They said that Santos Dumont idea sucked too but when it worked the Wright Brothers came along and copied… now we fly everywhere…

  • GL

    This post was idiotic. As a graphic designer, what better way to directly equip a potential client or employer with samples of your work, all while avoiding the ridiculous costs of printing your portfolio on high quality paper only to be showcased by an even more expensive leather portfolio book, all of which is too bulky to carry around on a daily basis. As far as the environment is concerned, you champion your “green” rights and protest the plastic and silicon but last time I checked I don’t think any of us designers care what our macbook pros are made out of as long as we can continue to utilize them for our profession. The USB business card might be a little too progressive for the average mediocre designer but for the rest of us trying to advance our craft, bring on innovation. I’m with Kat.

  • C. S. Magor

    GL you have totally made my day with your rant. If you are not the most arrogant commenter to date, you certainly seem to be (that or this is your product in which case you can be forgiven). I take it then that you consider yourself to be “more progressive” than the “average mediocre designer”.

    This is a silly product and carrying around a bunch of adapters to plug your card into people’s computers is ludicrous when a mini-dvd holds more than enough information, is more convenient to write to, and no more likely to get damaged or lost.

  • GL

    What’s more ludicrous is that you don’t realize mini-dvd’s aren’t even supported by mac books. Not to say that apple has the entire market on laptops but they’re undeniably popular among creative types. FYI: there are other presentations of this usb concept card where the usb is carried in a pocket slit in the card and requires no adapter. So if your original assertion was against the adapters then we’re on the same page. As far as arrogance goes, I believe the statements, “The USB business card is dumb…your idea sucks” are the epitome of such. Glad to make your day though.

  • sean Kinney
  • USB Business Card

    I completely disagree. I believe that usb business cards can be great for many people and company that decides to use it. If you are a professional of any sort, you would know that having a usb flash drive is essential to day to day business. And all to often it is forgotten at home or in the pocket of another article of clothing. Having a usb business card would solve that problem as it would ALWAYS be in your wallet.

    I personally like the Ultra-Thin USB Business Card from It’s slim, sleek, sexy and doesn’t require some stupid adapter to make it work.

  • Matt_poundland

    What about design professionals who want to show off a digital portfolio to potential clients? This is a great idea. It will make an impression especially when apply for jobs in the creative fields.

    Your review is ‘dumb.’


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