Wine Glass Holder Necklace, Keeping Your Wine Close At Heart

wine necklace

The holiday party season is now in full swing and what better way to let everyone know that you may have a drinking problem than by showing up to the a party with the Wine Holder Necklace.

Keep your hands free at parties by keeping your wine close at heart! This clever little clip with adjustable strap holds a regular-size stemmed glass to your chest, giving you the freedom to snack and socialize as you sip!

Price: $25

[via Book of Joe]


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  • mer

    They don’t mention here that if you buy now, you achieve the look of a total idiot for no additional charge!

  • Bossy

    The person who invented this had clearly had a few glasses of wine themselves. Poor judgement.

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  • Irish-RN

    If they made one out of pearls I might consider getting one. This one, made out of fabric, looks more like it’s for a football game where wine is not the beverage of choice.

  • Selene

    OK, people, get ready for my rebuttal on the comments here. Let me start by saying that personally, this design with the printed lanyard does not appeal to me. Also, the “stem gripping” design is cumbersome and the price of 1 or even 2 for $25 is too high for this model. Now with that said, please consider these top 10 VALID POINTS on wine glass holders:
    1) wine glass holders are indeed popular at wine tastings. Why? to be hands free for tasting notes, holding brochures and NOT leaving your glass behind!
    2) when you’re walking, without the holder, you’d HAVE to hold the glass. WITH the holder, you also HOLD the glass if there’s wine it it otherwise it will slosh.
    3) it’s for standing still and being able to manage your glass while eating, writing tasting notes and the like when there’s nowhere to set your glass
    4) it’s better than those slotted plates. People forget about the stem hanging down and then the glass goes spilling when people try to set their plate down.
    5) It’s NOT for drunks or idiots unless you ACT like one.
    6) I bought two at a craft show then two more as gifts from a nice vendor that had better ones with decorative fabric.
    7) People think it won’t work if you have boobs. I have virtually no boobs … it works great. My best friend has HUGE BOOBS and it works just as well. The husband of the couple I bought them for has a beer gut and it works (well the better design I got, not these stem-grippers).
    8) Here’s what the better ones look like and have all the advantages I described above: Mine came in the mail within the week and THEY’RE FANTASTIC!!!
    9) I plan to get one for my niece too so she can keep her beverage (whatever it is) SAFELY with her.
    10) The ones I bought are made in a workshop (in the US, not China!) by people with disabilities.

    Thank you for reading this … reply if you want, but be nice!

    Cheers, Selene

  • starman1695

    What a rip-off. You can buy these all over town two for $5.

  • Kai

    A must-have multi-tasking tool for every functional alcoholic.


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