Blow your Food to Kingdom Come with the Spice Gun

Spice Gun Conceptual Model
For any would be kitchen maestros out there, this could be the thing for you. The spice gun is a clever little idea that allows you to blast your food with spices. Simply put:

Spice gun is different from the other casters, it has more fun! When you pull the trigger to compress the air in the air bag the handspike will push the bottom of the seasoning bottle to make the nozzle in the turntable to retract and spray the seasoning.

I do a lot of cooking in my extended seasonal vacations and I can see this thing serving a purpose. Pack it full of seasonings for some barbecue fun. Blast your spices into the cavity of a chicken without getting your hands dirty. Load it up with dried herbs and fire them over a pizza (I like fresh herbs as much as the next man but they are just too damned expensive in winter here in Japan). I want one of these, if it ever makes its way from a concept to store shelves, I am buying one



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