Gardens in Cans for Lazy Non-Gardening Types

Bonsai in a Can
I have done enough gardening in my lifetime for ten men. I don’t care for either backbreaking labor or being outside, so I largely avoid the pursuit as much as possible. I am lazy and that makes it difficult for someone like me to care for plant life. Luckily there is a solution, plants in cans that you can put on your desk to create a little desktop garden. If they could figure out a way that you could water these things with stale coffee, I would be set.

They have a range of options including cactus in a can, clover in a can and bonsai in a can. It is a nice way to bring a little low-maintenance life to your home office. When these become available, you will be able to get them from Branch Home.

Crib Candy, The Green Head


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