Halo Shoes, the Ultimate in Fanboy Footwear

Halo Shoes
It seems Adidas have chosen to make a foray into electronic sports. Their entry into this limited footwear niche has been made with some Halo shoes that can only be described as fugly. These are the shoes that you buy if you have given up hope of ever finding a mate and chosen to spend your time firmly seated in front of your television, X-box controller in hand.

They are detailed with the guns of Halo, feature Halo colorations and have a Halo logo thrown in for good measure. There is a whole lot of Halo thrown into two little shoes.

Adidas has calculated that the total number of hyper-obsessive Halo fanboys is precisely one hundred and have limited the run to that exact number of pairs.

It is disappointing that they have opted for a faux-suede type material for the gun detailing and placed it squarely in the toe section. This is the part of the shoe that true electronic sports athletes are most likely to soil with Cheeto crumbs and Mountain Dew spillage.

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Price: $110

Sources: Albotas, Geekologie, DVICE


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