High Tech Toaster from Philips, Has the World Gone Mad?

Philips Toaster

Can someone please explain to me why anyone needs a high-tech toaster. I make my toast in a toaster oven that is deliciously low-tech. I turn a dial for the timer and listen to it buzz away as it counts down. I adjust the length of time depending on the thickness and type of bread. It is not rocket science; if you can’t get toast right then you have some serious problems that need more than a high-tech toaster to solve.

Philips thinks that we need a high tech toaster, so they have given us the 1200W HD2618. It is a 1200W toaster, so it should get your breakfast of champions ready in a very short amount of time. It has a removable non-stick crumb tray and a one sided toasting option. The anodized aluminum finish and digital countdown timer look very sweet, but remind yourself, it is a toaster; the absolute bottom of the appliance food chain.

Price: $120, which is a little expensive for a toaster if you ask me.

Sources: Appliancist, DVICE


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  • http://www.mtbroutes.be/ P.eter

    I already have one for a month now and the mean selling point for this toaster is the looks. The toaster belongs to the “Aluminium” line from Philips and has other appliances too with the same look.(http://www.aluminium.philips.com/)
    I have a high-tech open kitchen so the look of my appliances should be in the line with this and this line of Philips completely does it for me, but yes it’s a premium price you pay for it.


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