Made-to-Order Black Lace Chandelier Looks Fancy, Inefficient

Black Lace Chandelier

The Black Lace Chandelier is not my cup of tea exactly, but I can concede that it appeals to a certain marketing niche. The laser cut black Perspex shade will project some interesting shadows around a room and I am guessing there will be a visually spectacular interplay with the “cascading crystals.” The crystals come in a range of colors including: Amber, Jet, Ruby, Light Aqua, Dark Aqua, Olive, Pink, Amethyst and clear.

Jet glass crystals cascade from a glossy black Perspex shade with delicate, intricate laser cut design. When lit, the shade reflects ornate shadow-patterns on the surrounding walls and floor creating mood and movement.

Black is not a color commonly associated with light shades or chandeliers for obvious reasons, they are designed to project light, not absorb it and it is for this reason and the $520 price tag, that I will not be buying the Black Lace Chandelier.

Bouf via Crib Candy


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