MP3 Player for Divers Seems Like a Dangerous Distraction

Waterproof MP3 Player

I don’t know about this one, an underwater MP3 player. Sure, I can see that it has a place in providing entertainment for decompression divers, but the regular recreational SCUBA diving crowd represents a much larger market. You have to ask yourself if you really need to have MP3s playing while you are underwater. I know that for me, part of the joy of SCUBA diving has always been the sounds of underwater life. Your ears can also alert you to potential danger when you hear boats race overhead. In addition, I don’t want ear buds in my ears, I want to keep them completely clear to let them equalize as easily as possible.

Now for professional divers, I think there is a place for this. Decompression stops can be painstakingly long, so long in fact that some trimix capable diving computers feature simple games that can be played while decompressing. If you have to kill forty or fifty minutes at a set depth, then a few tunes will help the time pass more quickly.

Price: It is only $99 and is good to 200 feet which is quite deep.

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