Beer Pouring Robot Brings us one Step Closer to Slothful Suburban Bliss

Beer Pouring Robot
My ideal state is one of total idleness. Give me a quiet night in, under my kotatsu watching a few episodes of Lost over a wild night out with my friends any day. The trouble is, when you are all toasty and warm under your heater table, you don’t really want to move for anything; not even beer. I thought there was no end in sight to this vile inconvenience and then I came across the Beer Pouring Robot.

It is a robot that pours beer so that you don’t have to. From what information I could gather, this appears to be intended for commercial use, in bars and the like. It is radio controlled and there is a microphone / speaker configuration that will allow the operator to converse with the customer. All we need is a smaller voice operated version for the home and I will be set, that or a bar fridge next to my kotatsu.

Source: Gear Fuse, Suicide Bots, Makezine


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