Biometric Vault Security Safe, a High Tech Metal Box

Biometric Vault Security Safe
If I were to buy myself a safe it would be a great big hunk of steel that would be too heavy for a burglar to carry away to open in the privacy and comfort of their own home. The Biometric Vault Security Safe is on the surface a good idea, but take a look at it, if someone wants in they are going to get in, whether it requires the brute force of a sledgehammer or the precision of a Dremel, there are ways through this little metal box.

I suspect that the biggest benefit one is likely to obtain from this is the ability to protect one’s valuables from their own family. Put yourself in the mind of the person that is robbing your house. A metal box with a fingerprint scanner on it is just begging to be taken home and explored. Unless this thing is concealed and embedded in concrete, you really are not going to get much benefit out of it at all; which is a shame because it is a really cool idea.

The Biometric Vault Security Safe provides convenient access with the touch of a finger. Endorsed by the NRA firearms safety instruction program, this vault provides safe storage and easily-controlled access to handguns, jewelry, important personal documents, and other valuables. * Uses proprietary fingerprint technology to verify identification and permits access in less than one second * Easily programmable * Stores up to 50 authorized fingerprints in Flash memory

Source: Red Ferret, Biometric Vault Security Safe


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