Custom Made Game Cabinet for the Blazing Angels Super Fan

Blazing Angels Game Cabinet
If Blazing Angels is your thing, then this Blazing Angels gaming cabinet made by Global VR is an absolute must-have. You can probably live without it, but why would you want to? The cabinet features a 42-inch screen, force feedback seating. Mission objectives are communicated via radio and text as you battle your way through six different theaters of combat.
The game features include:

  • Force Feedback Seating
  • 5.1 Digital Dolby Surround Sound Amp
  • Flight model is realistic yet easy to control
  • Perfect for beginners or experienced pilots
  • Clearly marked targets make it easy to locate enemies
  • 360 degree battlefield giving players a full flight model
  • Perform loop de loops or turn plane to finish off targets
  • Multiple mission objectives are communicated via text
    and radio chatter to players !

Price: $9,475 from BMI Gaming, which is more than reasonable considering that super hot paint job.

Source: Born Rich, BMI Gaming, Acquire Mag


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