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I remember not all that long ago there was that thing with the computer in a coffee cup. While I didn’t comment on it specifically as there was better stuff to write about at the time, I could not help but thinking, “Who wants computer with their coffee?” I get having a coffee cup that tells me my coffee is hot or cold, but that is the extent of the technology I want around my java. Some simple pleasures should be kept just that. The INFO Live is basically that coffee cup doohickey in a bracelet. It begs the question, “who is going to buy this?”

A computer bracelet would really make me feel like I was shackled to my system and unable to escape. I don’t want that. I have a computer for my computer needs and I forward my important emails to my phone, it is not that much of a stretch to pull a phone out of my pocket. I would not buy the INFO Live. I don’t want it and I don’t need it. It is an interesting concept, but I am not feeling the love. Check out all of the thumbs to get a good feel for how the device works. Do you completely disagree with me and think that this is the greatest invention on the planet or do we park our cars in the same garage? Drop me a line and let me know.

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  • igreenspot

    I like the concept, I guess for geeks like me, having your PC in your hand everywhere you go is kinda fun, a futuristic bracelet

  • sol..

    I agree, it’s the whole thing of futuristic bracelet that i like. And i’m the type of guy thats like “PHONES DO SO MUCH THEY HAVE BECOME USELESS”.

    Yet for some reason i’m like i’d totally buy this if the price isn’t retarded.

  • Cvetko

    I lose and forget mine all the time. I want one of those.


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