Prestigio Data Safe II, Big on the Wow Factor

Prestigio Data Safe II

As I have said time and time again, portable drives are something that one should be able to express him or her self with. Recently we took a look at the Zana thumb drive range, today we are looking at something a little bit different. If you need to regularly carry around larger amounts of data then a portable hard disk as opposed to a memory stick might be the way to go.

A lot of the portable hard disks on the market really lack the certain something-something that makes them stand out from other geeky gadgets, but the Prestigio Data Safe II has something going for it. For starters, they have made it vegan unfriendly, and covered the unit in a luxurious looking tan colored leather. According to Pocket Lint, the leather looks great from a distance, but doesn’t feel so luxurious in your hand. For a cheap portable hard disk, you can hardly complain, the styling looks good.

It measures 62x101x12 mm and weighs in at a mere 110 grams. On the specs it is less than exciting, it spins at 4200RPM and only has a 2MB cache. It is going to take some time dealing with your data. Using Prestigio software, you can backup specified folders at the push of a button. It supports a plethora of operating systems, basically anything that can accept a USB connection is compatible, though you will be limited to a FAT32 format in Linux.

Price: For the 80GB model you will be paying $110 and you will be shelling out a dollar per gig on the 160GB model. If you don’t need an ultra-fast portable HDD, this could be a good buy.

Source: Pocket Lint, Prestigio


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