An Uber-Stylish Passive Humidifier

Two years ago I decided that I would endure the dryness of winter no longer. I purchased a humidifier and I never looked back. I don’t use it everyday, rather, I make use of it on the driest days. The trouble is that my little Toshiba unit is too effective. It falls slightly short of turning my bedroom into a steam room as it vaporizes 900 ml of water in a space of six hours. The result is condensation dripping from the windows, which on the coldest days can freeze. The condensation, if not dried, drips onto the tatami mats of my floor where it will go onto form mold; lovely.

It is all of this that got me interested in the Humydo. The Humydo, you see, is a humidifier with a difference. It won’t launch volumes of steam into the air. It works slowly and in fact, passively. You don’t need to plug in the Humydo, all you do is place it next to a heat source, top up the water and let it do its work – and it looks good doing it. Stylish is not a way that many humidifiers would be described. They tend to be quite ugly. The Humydo, on the other hand, will blend nicely with the average modern house or apartment.

Price: $81.26, which some might consider a tad expensive for a chunk of stainless steel, but it looks good and presumably works.

Source: All Modern via DVICE


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