Elektrobit Satellite Phone – No Antenna, Will Travel

Elektrobit Satellite Phone
If Elektrobit has their way, gone will be the times that satellite phones were the exclusive domain of moneyed adventure seekers. Their new PDA-style satellite phone concept is a sleek looking product which they promise will be cost competitive with regular cell phones. With Windows Mobile 6.1 professional, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, VoIP, touch screen, voice control, 3MP camera and both HSDPA and satellite connectivity, Elektrobit has thrown in a lot of functionality.

The most noticeable feature is that it is missing the antenna that featured so heavily on satellite phones of yore. This is a sleek package and if it does come to market as planned in 2009 and live up to expectations, it is sure to find a great customer base. There is one potential obstacle in its path; it is designed to be compatible with the Terrestar satellite network, which has yet to be launched. Assuming the satellite network launches as planned; Elektrobit looks to have a winning product on its hands. For the full range of functions, check out the datasheet at the Elektrobit link. [Elektrobit (PDF) via Gearlog]


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