Kalashnikov Equipped Burglar Alarm

Kalashnikov Alarm

This little treasure of a DIY project comes to us all the way from Afghanistan. Hanif Molavizadeh rigged up the system to protect his home from intruders. When the alarm sounds, the system rings Molavizadeh’s cell phone, from where he can speak to the intruders by speaker phone. If that does not frighten them away, then a quick blast of the Kalashnikov is likely to send them on their way. The system will remote fire his assault rifle.

As one might expect, the development of such a system was not without its trials. Just last month he forgot to unload his gun during testing; when it accidentally fired, breaking one of his windows and ricocheted off a neighbor’s wall. That neighbor was unimpressed, but another neighbor promptly ordered his own alarm to be constructed; sans Kalashnikov.

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  • http://linuxworld.com/community/ Don Marti

    Does it run Linux?

  • http://www.classicwellness.us John

    Using live ammunition?? That just sounds dangerous to me. Using blanks would probably be just as effective at scaring a burglar away and you don’t have to worry about hitting your neighbor’s house.

    Overall, a good concept, just needs some tweaking .

  • http://www.youranass.com LaRoacha

    Blanks,,,,hell no,,,,personally I’d have it aimed at the front door…..

  • Cyriac Mathew

    But the hitch is what happens when the entire rounds of ammunition are exhausted and the owner is miles away. . I think, a Kalashnikov is a very valuable catch. We are soon going to see the burglar walk away with his prized catch- the much touted Kalashnikov burglar alarm system. No neighbor is going to interfere and take a risk. I would trust my burglar alarm any day

  • Khurram

    Good concept more practical than the fake barking dog alarm … and about the AK-47 being the catch… i dont think so coz in Afghanistan a normal AK-47 would cost around $100 max… so its worth a decent security system


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