R2-D2 Speaker Set

R2-D2 Speaker Set
It’s nice to see RD-D2 continues to keep himself busy post Star Wars, his latest re-transformation, a speaker set.
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Since the Star Wars movies R2-D2 seems to have fallen on hard times. You’d think a successful droid would have an easy time finding work… but unfortunately due to his speech impediment and close association with C-3PO (who later turned out to have quite the affection for vaporators) he was forced to find work as a pepper grinder, trashcan and even a laundry basket. Now R2 is trying his hand at audio with this nifty speaker set. You get a two-droid set, R2-D2 and his red doppleganger R2-D1. Each features a flip-up head to reveal a speaker. Plug the stereo headphone style plug into your PC, iPod or spare Wookie for some droid-based sound. We won’t kid you, these speakers are not powered so their volume is limited by whatever audio input you give them. But don’t you want to help out a droid who’s down on his luck?



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