Apple OS X 10.6, “Snow Leopard” to Drop Legacy Support

Snow Leopard
WWDC is coming soon and rumors are already flying. Among the numerous tidbits is the suggestion that Apple will announce a major version update to OS X, which is sure to get more than a few fanboys raging.

The biggest change to OSX 10.6 is that Apple will be abandoning support for non-Intel machines. For those that own legacy equipment OSX 10.5 is the end of the line. While the few and the loud will bemoan this move to no end, it does make sense. It is time to move forward.

Snow Leopard” as the update is known builds on a little from “Leopard.” Apple’s goal is to provide greater speed and stability. Considering the fact that all of the Macs on the market are plenty fast enough, we have to wonder if there is a new low-powered portable in the works; say an Atom system for example. [Ars Technica via Engadget]


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  • SLLhotD

    Even if Snow Leopard is released, I dont think any thing eye catching will be there for the public (not including developers). The reason i say this is that they have their minds set to make it faster, more safe, and more stable, the average user wont want to pay again for another upgrade less than a year after they had just gotten Leopard. Bot developers want more speed and stability and they dont want harassing bugs while working so Jobs might just make a little money from this due to the developers.
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