Canada May Start Inspecting Digital Devices for Pirated Content

The Canadian Government is seeking to pass a law that will allow customs inspectors to digital devices for pirated material and if the law makes it into Canada, there is a pretty safe bet that it will be headed to other places as Canada is doing its utmost to form an alliance known Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement with the US and EU.

I for one have a real problem with people that I don’t know poking through my digital devices. It is not because they would find anything that I didn’t want them to, it is because I consider the contents of my devices to be private. It would feel like having someone read my diary (if I had one). I wonder what they would do if the battery was dead?

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  • Dr Dan H.

    Roll on iPods with encrypted contents.

    Encryption is the only effective way to stamp out this kind of foolishness…


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