Connect-a-desk Laptop Holder Sacrifices Self Respect for Convenience

connect a desk
There are a few places that I go where, due to lack of having a desk or any place to sit, I find myself unable to use a computer. Connect-a-desk hopes to change all that. It is a goofy looking strap that you connect to your laptop giving you the support that you need to walk and type.

Let’s face it, if you go out shopping there is no way that you can blog while you wait in supermarket lines or walk through department stores. There are good reasons for this, one is that there is scarcely a douchier look than not being able to put down the computer for even the twenty minutes that it takes you to purchase Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

I get the whole compulsive computer use thing, but I have to say I am glad that there are places that I can go where I cannot use a computer. It is nice to get away from the screen for a few hours each day and get a bit of fresh air. Like the Jump to Conclusions Mat, this is a terrible idea. [Think Geek via Slippery Brick]


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