Quantum Sleeper, a Safe Night’s Sleep With Space For a Tin Foil Hat

Quantum Sleeper

Where do the tin foil hat crowd sleep you wonder? Well if they can afford to, they probably sleep in a Quantum Sleeper. This bed is designed to protect its users from biochemical terrorist attack, stalkers, kidnappers and the occasional natural disaster. Just how much protection it gives will depend on your budget and level of paranoia. Take a look after the jump for the full range of options.

The Quantum Sleeper boasts the following range of options (spelling errors are courtesy of the manufacturer):

  • 1.25″ Polycarbonate Bulletproof Plating/Shielding
  • Bio-Chemical Filtered Ventilation
  • Rebreather
  • Control Panel Mode Selection (i.e., Basic System Ops., Intruder Setting, Energy Status, Lock Down, etc.)
  • Cover & Door Actuators w/ Emergency Release
  • One way see through head cover (reflective mirror on 2 sides and front)
  • Safety Features (Proximity Sensor, O2 Sensor, Smoke Det., Motion Det. Ect,)
  • Emergency Communication system (Cellular, Short-wave Radio, CB ect.)
  • Audio Amplifier (Amplify sound from out side unit)
  • Air/Water Tight Sealing
  • External Override Key Pad & Remote Control
  • Battery Backup Power
  • Toiletry system

There are also a few entertainment options as well, just in case you start to become bored whilst waiting for those terrorists and stalkers to leave:

  • TV
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • DVD Player
  • PC
  • CD Player

There is no word on pricing, but I am guessing that one of these ain’t cheap, especially if it is optioned out. I am guessing that there must be a niche market made up of deep-pocketed crackpots somewhere. I have yet to meet one, but am now convinced that they do exist. [QSleeper via Neatorama]


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