Sqish Hides Your Unsightly Satellite Dish Chameleon Style

The Sqish is an interesting new satellite dish that has only recently made its way to the United Kingdom. Using a bit of optical trickery, the Sqish blends into its surroundings so that it is not immediately noticeable to the untrained eye. As you can see from the picture, you can see it, but if you are standing a reasonable distance away you are hardly going to be able to distinguish it from the brickwork. How does it work? The answer is after the jump.

The first thing that you can see about the Sqish is that it is a flat square as opposed to a concave dish. This gives it an enormous advantage when it comes to blending in with walls which also tend to be flat and square; but there is more to this than the shape. The thing that gives the Sqish its chameleon-like properties is actually a sticker created from a digital photo. The dish is then placed in order for it to blend, almost seamlessly with the background.

Sqish 2

There are people that don’t much care for the look of the humble gray satellite dish, I don’t know who they are but I am told that they exist. It is evidenced by the fact that some locales actually prohibit their installation. The Sqish effectively gets around those regulations, though I can’t think of many good reasons to live in a place that would not allow me to have satellite TV.

Price: $300 for the flat dish and an extra $50 for the sticker. [Daily Mail]


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