WiFi Snooping Sneakers

WiFi SneakerIf you are the sort of guy or girl that cannot stand the thought of paying for your Internet use, then you are probably constantly on the hunt for the free, unsecured wireless type. If you work from home, then you can always build yourself a WiFi Predator, but what if you like to keep your show on the road and want to keep it discreet? Then it comes time for some WiFi detecting shoes.
WiFi Sneaker 2

The shoes look a tad on the annoying side. They blink if you don’t have a signal and and stay on when you have one within 50m; so everyone is going to see you walking around with flashing lights on your feet. They do only activate when you are walking, but still, I don’t know that I would be entirely comfortable with having my feet flash.

The shoes are the work of mstrpln and Ubiq and I have to say that they did a pretty good job. Let’s just hope that for version two they manage to keep the lights off while there is no signal. [Make via Technabob]


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