DIY, Turn Your Shed Into a Home Office

Shed Office Interior
If you are dying for that home office but lack the space in your house; or your house is too noisy to get any work done, then you could convert your shed into a work space. Lifehacker has an interesting article on the subject with a reader sending in photos of an office shed that set him back somewhere in the region of $6,000.

Shed Office Exterior
A shed office is definitely a worthy project if you have the space in your garden for a new shed or an old one that is sitting there gathering dust. It is a great way to get a quiet bit of work space, which is a real plus if you work from home and do the whole telecommute thing.

If you live anywhere as hot as my hometown then you will probably want to invest in a decent cooling system from the get go and be warned, digging trenches for insulated power cables can be very hard work. [Lifehacker via Make]


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  • LockoGeek

    this office looks very comfortable, i would like to have one and can work from home, at least have the 3 monitors and the furniture with the Star Wars characters 😀

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  • David Gerrard

    Wow, Now if only I had a garden this set up would be ideal for me.I do like the look of this…

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