9-foot Tall T-Rex Statue Ensures That Your Kids Will NEVER Sleep Again

The Brachiosaurus statue here is not going to be for everyone, most people will find it too expensive and even those that can afford one of these would probably find the purchase hard to justify unless they really loved Jurassic Park. The statue moves and has a blood curdling roar that you can hear if you play the video after the jump.

YouTube Preview Image

Price: $22,000 for the statue and an additional $4,000 if you want the base.


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  • shanameran

    best title ever.
    At the science center in Regina has dinaosaur statues that roar at you and spit water, but no skeletons.

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  • Stupif

    That is not a Brachiosaurus, but a Tyrannosaurus. A Brachiosaurus was a large, plant-eating dinosaur and one of the largest sauropods ever. It walked on all-fours and had a long neck.

  • Matt

    In related news, the world’s supply of fact checkers, editors and proofreaders has reached an all time low. An official release from the Fact and Reality Treasurers Society aims to put our fears at ease by stating “Theirs no need for to be concerned. 110% of our members are dedicated to catching the big errors.”


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