Indian Teen Commits Suicide Over LHC Fears

While I was sorely tempted to write some spoof piece about the end of the world yesterday, something deep inside told me that it would be a bad idea. There are people who were genuinely afraid of that thing and the potential for someone to do something rash and totally irreversible was always there. As is evidenced by the case of Chayya, a 16-year-old girl from the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, who drank pesticide out of the fear that the world was going to end when CERN turned on the LHC.

While what happened to young Chayya is very sad, we are fortunate that none of the idiots that were sending death threats to physicists made good on their warnings. []


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  • Cowles
  • Joe

    The power of fear is truly incredible, not just in the US, but worldwide…Tragic.

  • Abdul Vahid V

    It is very sad to hear of a suicide in relation with the great experiment of the time. The physicists behind the LHC had to give some more clarifications on their activities.

  • Z

    Wow, People like this just deserve to end it, I cant believe people are so afraid of a few atoms being smashed together, THEIR ATOMS PEOPLE! ATOMS

  • seth

    it’s kind of selfish that this kid would want to be the first to die in this situation. what makes her so special? why not just wait to die with the rest of us and be equal? fucking prima-donnas.


    This girl must have been seriously disturbed. Is the wretched and painful act of ingesting fatal amounts of insect killer a preferable alternative to (maybe) dying in a cataclysmic black hole?

    Its like being so scared of losing your hand in a wood chipper accident that you preemptively cut it off.


    Only in crazy world…

  • Bob Jones

    More like being so afraid of having your hand surgically removed that you cut it off in a woodchipper.

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  • Zeke

    lol @cowles

    check the java on the page

    if (!(typeof worldHasEnded == “undefined”)) {
    } else {

  • rossw


    While I in no way think that this thing could cause the end of the world, think about what happens when you split an atom.

  • Adam
  • the other one

    to Z:

    I hate grammatical errors. “THEIR” to “they’re” as in they are. not they are possessive of.

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  • joey digital

    Hmmm….I don’t get it – why would you kill yourself by drinking poison when you could be ripped apart by a black hole instead?

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  • moo

    she was obviously very mentally disturbed. lets all laugh at her on the internet

  • WoW

    Not to be an ass or anything, but what an Hero…

  • Anon

    an hero FTW!

  • Eric

    It’s sad. I think this person has some mental problems. I don’t think the LHC had anything to do with it. This incident must have been an excuse to do something because in her mind it was eventually going to happen.

  • Sam

    Thats too bad. Unfortunately you can’t teach common sense.

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  • Kanti

    The fault lies with some Indian news channels particularly Aaj Tak and India TV. They are tabloid press of the worst sort and thrive on sensationalism, pornography, allegations of bribery, scandals anything that appears deviant and gossipy. They’re a total irresponsible bunch of newscasters who value gossip over substance in their bullshit stories. Last week, their “undercover” team was on the island of Lanka discovering the grave of the legendary demon King Ravana. And now I could only imagine how they must have reported this LHC Blackhole theory. Something like this, “The end is near?”

    Clearly, this girl being at a young, impressionable age must have had family problems/psychological issues/ and might have wished that the world ends. She was already on the verge of suicide and this irresponsible bunch of news channel people speedened her resolve to end her life.

    India does not have any laws where you can sue big corporates. They can do whatever they like.

  • Anonymous

    @GARYPUNCH: Reminds me of Punctures by Shintaro Kago. And this girl is quite a good representation of what he was trying to show in that doujin.
    Regardless, this is’t sad, no news station is to blame, she decided to take her own life, and it’s her own stupid fault for doing it.
    @Eric: My thoughts exactly.
    @Kanti: 16 isn’t an impressionable age.

  • A Mom First, Nurse Second

    You people have no souls. Why do you say this girl had to be absolutely mentally disturbed? And why are you making fun of the fact that a human life has ended? There are special places in hell for you people. India has a very different culture than we do, I don’t know a lot about it, but I know they instill an unhealthy amount of fear in their people. Fear can make people do crazy things, without the actual person necessarily being crazy. I personally am not going to lose any sleep over the collider, but I think scientists should not be playing God and toying around with things they have no way of COMPLETELY understanding. Even if you’re not religious, you still have to think in the back of your mind, some things are better left unknown and what SINGLE person has the right to create something that could destroy EVERYONE.

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  • J. Dahmer

    IF it happens the Chainr eactions the particles produce when smashed at that ridiculous speed, What happens is that It creates a Black Hole a Little one, They say they can control it, If they dont control it, The blackhole will grow out of messure and eat us, youll be Talking about How bush sucks when everything will go black youd be Obliterated.

    period No ned to get Dramatic, just enjoy the ride man, when it happens ( wont ) it will just go black.

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  • Fox

    She didn’t wanted the world to end, but she used pesticide? Pesticide is way more probable to cause irreversible damages to earth than the LHC for sure.. Look at the global warming…

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  • sheep

    who else thought “good riddance” ?

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