Philips Wake Up Light to Ease Waking Up?

If you like me find the blare of an alarm clock a horrible way to start the day, then you have probably considered alternatives. Philips has just produced the most interesting alternative that I have seen to date. It is called the Wake Up Light and it rouses you from your slumber with a light that simulates sunrise by gradually increasing in intensity; you set it to begin thirty minutes before you want to get up so that it doesn’t jolt you awake at the last minute. The Wake Up Light can also simulate nature sounds like singing birds and babbling brooks for extra effect.

I do recall a concept a while back that was a pillow that did the same sort of thing, but this sounds a whole lot better and it is an actual product that you can buy or at least will be able to buy very soon. If it can take the pain out of waking up, I am all for it. [Philips via Crunch Gear]


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