DIY Pink Pedal-Powered Tank Shoots Hotdogs and Water

This pink camouflage monstrosity that you before you is truly a work of DIY art. For one thing, it is constructed from junkyard parts, for another it is pedal-powered and uses nitrous oxide to pepper onlookers with vaporized hotdogs, or water for that matter. It is almost too much awesomeness for one package. The man responsible is a 30-year-old from Philadelphia by the name of Vin Marshall and he has certainly outdone himself with this creation.

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The first thing tha struck me when I looked at the pink tank was that it looks pretty much like the real deal. Maybe not a tank per se, more an APC, but the authenticity is there. It weighs 2,000 pounds, so it has a bit of heft to it, it is certainly a lot to be pushing around under your own power, but it can be done.

While 2000 pounds would be impossible for one person, six people make light work of it. Prior to the build, a computer model of the design revealed that six people pedaling would be enough to generate 1.5 horsepower. Wheels were the more practical choice for this reason. Pedaling at a comfortable speed, the team was able to maintain a cruising speed of 15mph – couple that with 2000 pounds of metal and you have a contraption that is big, heavy and fast enough to actually be dangerous.

The steering system is a combination of pieces from a Geo Metro and a Ford 150, with the frame and axles hand-built. The powerplant melds the pedals, cranks and bottom brackets of some old 10-speed bicycles with industrial grade sprockets and chainwheels; with the gearing from the bicycles providing a nice added boost to the power output. All up, one awesome build and a steal at the $3000 it cost to put together. [PopSci]


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