Rumors and Speculation: Sneak Peek Macbook Pro ’09 Photo?

You can’t see a lot in this picture, but from what you can see, it looks like a new keyboard style; perhaps similar to that of the MBA. I doubt Apple will mess with success too much on this one, there will likely be one or two appearance tweaks to differentiate it from the previous model.

Read on for some good ol’ MacSpeculation.

There has been some talk that they will be creating seamless models with a new water-carving technique. I doubt we will see that, this time at least. The cost of retooling factories for such a process would likely put too much of a dent on the bottom line and today’s market is not one where companies are going to unnecessarily put profit margins on the line. Today’s cases are functional and look good – the selling point of a solid aluminum block would not encourage the amount of sales to justify the additional expenditure that it would entail.

With regards to the components, I would expect a partial respec with a faster processor, and more powerful GPU. We will probably see the same amount of RAM, but possibly higher speed RAM than the previous model. I doubt there will be much different in the hard disk department, there could be an SSD option in there, but SSDs don’t really offer the space that many MBP users would require.

The big changes to the Mac Book Pro are going to tackle the gripes that people have with it as a platform. It gets extremely hot and battery time sucks. At present I get about 2 – 2 1/2 hours on my battery. Might I be so bold as to predict 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 hours out of the next one. That will be largely as a result of advances in screen technology.

The heat issue will receive some attention. I expect that there will be a better thermal management system, combined a design that better implements passive cooling. It will still get warm, but not fresh searingly hot. [Apple Insider via Ubergizmo]


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