Rumor: X-360 Blu-ray Drive Ready to Go

The good word from X-bit Labs is that X-360 users can get themselves a bit of Blu-ray goodness in the form of an external drive – and it is cheap; it will need to be if they want to take a bite of Sony’s action. X-Bit claim that the drive is the work of Toshiba and Samsung and that the price will be $100-150.

Perhaps the biggest claim of the X-bit article is that Microsoft has completed its initial production run and that the add-on is ready to ship. While some might question the logic of holding off on the release, chances are that they are simply preparing the pre- and post-release hype and that we will hear some kind of an announcement soon.

If the rumor turns out to be true, we should see the first announcements very soon with the devices shipping from November ready for the orgy of consumerism that is the holiday season. [X-bit Labs via CNET]


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  • Tom

    This bull has been floating around pathetic blogs for the last 6 months. And the truth is, why would Sony give away its only selling point to their main competitors, not gonna happen.


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