Sony Drops a Quantum of Solace Laptop

he merchandising for Quantum of Solace is getting interesting with Sony putting out a limited edition Bond-themed Vaio TT Series Notebook. It features carbon fiber black casing tand comes with a 007 logo and a leather case. It comes with an 11.1? widescreen LCD display, 2GB RAM, 64GB Solid State Drive, HDMI out, and a pair of noise canceling headphones. I think I also spied a fingerprint reader.

Price: A recession-busting $2,399 [Chip Chick via Slippery Brick]


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    sony has announced this news I think one month ago. the laptop is appropriated labeled with a ‘007?, showed up today. Wittingly, production is limited to 700 and its specs, which mimic the Z series, include an Intel Core 2 Duo.


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