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For the 3rd year in a row, we bring you the coolest collection of toys on the planet. As we do ever year we add one more number to the list from the year previously which takes us to lucky number 13.

Without further ado, here is the 2008 collection of the coolest toys around. From hand crank locomotives to a dinosaur that gives bouncy rides, these toys are perfect for kids of all ages. Enjoy.

If you’re still looking for cool toys, Here is a list of the other coolest toys of the year:

The Hand Crank Locomotives

The Hand Crank Locomotives

The hand crank trains makes me wish I was a kid again, or at least a kid with rich parents.

This is the heirloom locomotive reminiscent of the ones encountered at carnivals and fairs in the 1940s that uses the simple pushing and pulling of a child’s arms on a hand-crank to propel it around an outdoor track. Each of the two included locomotives is made from cast aluminum with stainless-steel crank handles, and supports a single child up to 100 lbs. Minimal effort is required of children as they crank, so each train glides easily on precision-crafted, cast-iron wheels with a familiar “click-clack” sound with no slipping. The 30′ diam. 12-gauge circular track is made of welded steel, and sets up in under one hour with the included fasteners and wrenches;  Includes two locomotives and track. Includes two nylon covers to protect locomotives. Ages 3-13.

Price: $4100

Snowball Blaster

Firing your Snowball Blaster is a simple process, pack the snow into the forming chambers, pull back the slingshot firing mechanism and let rip on targets up to 50 feet away. There are three forming chambers, which make three snowballs that are said to be perfectly spherical. You will always win the snowball fight as long as the snowball blaster is around.
Price: $30
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EyeClops Night Vision Goggles

If you are looking for a great excuse to buy the night vision goggles, ThinkGeek has you covered:

Here’s the situation: you wake up in the middle of the night and you have to pee. Real bad. But you don’t want to turn on all the lights, for they will burn your eyes with their incandescence. So, you either injure yourself, stumbling in the darkness, or you wet your bed. Neither is fun. If you have some of these awesome Night Vision Goggles next to your bed, you’ll be able to see in the dark and pee in safety and ease.

Ok, so you might think these things are just toys, the type that say “night vision” but really just have a pop out flashlight. Nope. These are the real deal; true infrared night vision, for the price of a toy. You can’t imagine the happy dance we did when we realized these worked really well. Now we can sneak around like the ninjas we know we are, in the dark, watching all – and you won’t be able to see us. Unless you’re a ninja too, and have some EyeClops Night Vision Goggles of your own.

Price: $90

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If your kid loves to build stuff, especially 7′ 10′ towers this toy is for them. Plus, any company that starts with the word Uber, you know they must be good. :-)

This complete professional construction kit is for architects, engineers, students and anyone that loves to build! Build representations of existing sky scrapers, bridges, and other structures Create prototypes of your own designs Basic building techniques are provided which show you how to create load-bearing walls, curves, arches, etc. 8 Foundation plans are included Build a sky scraper from real blueprints Learn to build from blueprints. Full scale blueprints are included that teach how to build from plan views, isometric views, detailed views and more. Download and print your building permit and learn about wind loads and seismic loads.

Price:$275 buy now

Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur

An awesome, prehistoric friend, KOTA The Triceratops Dinosaur from Playskool is ready to accompany your imaginative child on all kinds of adventures. With lots of sound effects, including music, munching, stomping, and roaring, this baby dinosaur is a realistic creation. He even moves his head and tail and blinks his eyes. KOTA is built so that curious kids three and older and up to 60 pounds can enjoy a bouncing ride.

Price:$240 buy now
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Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster

Nerf Vulcan

The Nerf Vulcan is a belt-fed Nerf machine gun that opens a can of sponge tipped whoop-ass in whichever direction you aim it and squeeze the trigger. The ammo belts will hold 25 darts apiece and it will take 6 D cells to get it running. With batteries it tips the scale at around 8 pounds, so little ones it might be time to start doing some push ups.

Price: About $40 buy now

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Vtech – KidiJamz Studio

Vtech - KidiJamz Studio

The Kidijamz is one of 2 VTech products to make the list.  It gives kids the power to record their own songs and music and play it back on a detachable music player. It has 10 different musical instrument sounds, five musical stylings, and three rhythm buttons. The Kidijamz allows your child to pretend to be a superstar DJ with the scratching disc and microphone with digital voice effects.

Price:$60 buy now

Remote Controlled Hovering Space Surfer

This is the remote controlled 9″ space surfer that hovers in the air, spins 360°, and moves left, right, forward, and backward–all while levitating parallel to the ground. Capable of indoor or outdoor flights, the space surfer has dual propellers that generate enough thrust to send the device from a stationary position to 66-feet in the air without requiring a hand-launch. The radio frequency remote control has proportional throttle and trim settings that allow it to be precisely controlled through climbs, descents, and turns. Made from durable EPP foam, the aircraft’s body withstands turbulent flights and crash landings.  Remote has a 27′ range and requires a 9-volt battery. Operates for 15 minutes after a 70-minute charge

Price: $80 $50

Vtech – KidiArt Studio

The Kidiart studio is basically equivaliant to photoshop for kids.

Show your kids just how creative they can be with a high-tech creative tool. KidiArt Studio easily connects to a television or PC so little artists can show off their projects for all to see. With KidiArt Studio, kids can take basic drawing and art lessons, create a full array of printable posters and cards, or make a family tree using real pictures! Use the digital camera conveniently located on the arm of KidiArt Studio to make stop motion animations. Also, when in PC connect mode, your child can save their creations, create custom e-Cards for friends, and print anything they’ve made.

Price:$60 buy now

Spinmaster Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro Car

Forget those remote control cars that just scoot across the ground! These Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro cars moves in three dimensions — across the ground, up the wall, and even upside down on the ceiling! By using a specially designed suction device, the car can climb a wall and maneuver just as it does on the ground.

Price:$25 buy now

Remote Controlled Ride On Sports Car

The remote-controlled ride-on sports car allows parents to control the driving, or if the parents are feeling a little wild and crazy they “relinquish control to the young driver at the touch of a button”. Both modes enable a top speed of  3 mph along with normal movement forwards, backwards, left, and right.  Operates for two hours after a 10-hour charge. Supports up to 45 lbs.


Falcon Helicopter

The Falcon radio controlled helicopter has the cool ability to shoot airsoft BB balls at unsuspecting onlookers. I can just imagine the possibilities. The batteries last for eight minutes of flight per charge. If anyone knows where you can pick one up, please let me know in the comments below.

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Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur

Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur

The pre-historic world comes roaring to life with the Spike the Ultra Dinosaur, an Imaginext toy from Fisher-Price. Flashing lights, blinking eyes, and grunting dino speak make this big, green remote-control dinosaur a fun companion for adventurous play. Rugged and curious, Spike has a quirky personality that will draw children ages three through 10 into an exciting world of their own imagining.

Price:$130 buy now

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