A Semi-attainable Gear and Gadget Wish List for 2009

I always seem to crave so much more than I can possibly use or afford, so why should this year be any different? As long as I am gainfully employed I will be doing my bit to prop up the economy. Here are ten things that I want that I may or may not be able to afford but that I will do my best to get in the upcoming year. If I can manage six of them I will be very happy.

1. Hitachi WOOO 42″ Plasma TV

What’s not to like about these. Plasma wins because it is a little more kid-safe, and in Japan at least, Hitachi throw in two cable card readers and a 500GB hard disk. There are better models that only cost a little bit more from Sony, but I am going home in a few years and I am probably going to have to leave it behind.
Price: About $2000

2. Home Theater PC

This is a project that I have wanted to embark on for some time and this just might be the year that I finally go through with it. This will be a DIY project all the way and it will be going home with me, whenever I eventually leave. The system will be designed first and foremost for home theater, which means passively cooled everything, HDMI out, at least 2TB of hot swappable hard disk space, a TV tuner card and a cable card. Oh and a Blu-ray recorder.
Price: About $1800 – DIY project

3. Nikon D90

Nikon does some pretty cool stuff with their entry level digital SLRs and the D90 sits right on top of that pile. The price is on the verge of being reasonable and a good camera can give years of entertainment. There are a lot of good models in this price range, but Nikon has my vote for now.
Price: About $1600 (with lens and flash) [Amazon]

4. iPod Touch 16GB

This will be my first foray into iPod territory, but it is long overdue. Why the Touch as opposed to a any of a number of worthy alternatives? The apps, pure and simple. I want a mobile device that I can use for checking my mail, but I don’t need or want another computer, netbooks included.
Price: $280

5. Wi-Fi Capable Multi-function Printer

I’ve been cutting the cords around my home and the printer is the last one to go. Sure, there are wireless adapters that can put any printer on a network, but generally you wind up sacrificing some of the functionality. Any of the high-end A4 inkjet models from Epson could get my money. My past two Canon’s have been an incredible let down.
Price: $300 [Amazon]

6. 22″ LG Monitor

To match the other inexpensive 22″ so that I can finally get rid of the malfunctioning 19″ that I paid about twice as much for.
Price: $250 (here) $280 [Amazon]

7. Dr. Dre Tour In Ear Headphones

They are overpriced and apparently a little too bass heavy, but for cords that don’t tangle, I will pay the extra dollars and I like my bass heavy. [Amazon]

8. External Drive Kit

I have two 320GB 3.5″ HDDs sitting around doing nothing. I plan on turning them into some network attached storage.
Price: $78 for a drive kit that acts as a web server, FTP server and runs Bit Torrent. [Amazon]

9. Camelbak Mule

It is time to get back on the bike and it gets hot here in summer. A hydration pack beats the hell out of a warm bottle of water any day of the week and works wonders when you are recuperating after a big night out.
Price: $75 [Amazon]

10. Wi-Fi Predator

Japan has no bandwidth limits, so I can’t really say that I have any moral objection to poaching some free Internet to check my email whenever I get stuck away from home. Plus, it is a great way to stay connected if I move house, which is on the cards for the year after next. – DIY project

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    Note to self, I really do need to double-check what I write late at night after tortuous days of shopping. I wrote “poaching email,” which I would have an objection to. I meant “poaching Internet” as in making use of open WiFi connections, which I approve of for simple tasks like checking email and light surfing. No torrent downloads though.


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