Cole Cleaner Provides Disinfected Soft Drink Cans to Germophobes

Once in a while a canned beverage comes out of a vending machine that looks a little the worse for wear. Some people will just grin and bear it, others go as far as running it under a tap. The Cole Cleaner is a concept takes things to a new extreme and actually disinfects the can using UV radiation. While I really don’t see the point, there are plenty of germophobes out there that would. Note, after reading the following comment by Fuzvulf on DVICE, I see things very differently now.

Definitely not overkill. While I was in high school I worked for a beverage company. Most of us here are intelligent. Put together a mix of underpaid and under-trained forklift drivers and pallets full of soda cans and you are going to get breakage. The moisture in the soda evaporates leaving a sweet sticky syrup high in carbohydrates. Because soda cans are sealed they are not as strictly regulated on the presence of pests and vermin in their warehouses. In the morning when we turned on the lights hundreds of rats would scurry away. Bugs also love the stuff. The rats are what bother me though. Male rats leave a trail of urine wherever they go. If that happens to be across the top of your soda can why should it care. Occasionally when the rat droppings were bad enough they would have us pressure wash the top layer of cans on the pallet.



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