Moto Horn Makes Your Bicycle Sound Like Something It’s Not

One of the dangers of cycling is that bicycles don’t make a lot of sound. On the road that often means that they are not noticed by drivers. Making your bike sound like a phony motorbike, which is what the Moto Horn does, might help in that regard, but chances are that a $10 noisemaker won’t be loud enough to make all that much difference.

Price: $9.50 [Random Good Stuff via Foolish Gadgets]


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  • pdcant

    Cyclist, watch out for cars. Get a bell to warn pedestrians. Stop shouting!

  • Rob

    What’s really ironic is that motorcyclists commonly use safety and awareness as an argument for having louder pipes on their bikes. This product, to me, just seems like a mindshare training tool for that line of thinking :-)

    As a child: “Pedestrians will know I’m there if I install this and make my bicycle louder!”

    As a mid-life crisis Harley owner: “Drivers in cars will know I’m there if I install these straight pipes to make my Harley louder!”

    After giving up: “Nope…actually…nothing ever made any difference with respect to awareness. Now I am sad and deaf.”

  • 30 year vetern of bicycle repair

    With that thing being attached by a simple tin 2 screw clamp… and being that it is replacing a HAND GRIP which is one of the most critical safety items on the bike…

    When those screws loosen up and the grip slides off at the most inopportune time… someone is going to get hurt real bad.

    This company has shit for brains engineers, lawyers and insurers.

  • Magellan

    What ever happened to using a playing card in the spokes?

  • eat me

    doesn’t anyone remember these from when we were kids in the 80’s?

  • worminator

    I do!

  • M0les

    Hey! I used to have one of those when I rent to primary school (grade school) in the 80’s.

    I saw it in a catalogue and said to my mum “Wow, that looks weird, stupid and embarrassing!” and hey presto – that year’s birthday present became a lock!

    (FYI, yes, they did poke fun at me at school for having it on my bike)

  • poppadot

    I had one of these as a kid 30 years ago!

  • C. S. Magor

    The cyclical nature of technology, stuff is destined to forever be made, forgotten, and reinvented.

  • M0les

    Yeah, I don’t know if this was exactly “re-invented”. I think they just took the forms of the whelf, put them back into the presses and declared it “80’s week” at the s.e.-Asian plastics sweatshop where they’re made.

    (FYI, I’m going as Tom Selleck, so noone else better choose that)

  • M0les

    “Whelf”!! WTF to these typos come from! (“shelf”)

  • C. S. Magor

    Typos happen to the best of us


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