Memory Stick Comb, Why?

People seem determined to stick a USB plug on just about everything, so why not stick a 2GB memory chip in the handle of a comb and make it a thumb drive? It helps you look good and saves your precious data at the same time. We shouldn’t be asking “why”, we should be asking, “why not?”

Price: $35 [Craziest Gadgets]


About the author: C. S. Magor


C.S. Magor is the editor-in-chief and reporter at large for Uberreview and We Interrupt. He currently resides in a sleepy basin town in the Japanese countryside - where both his bank balance and the lack of space in his home are testament to his addiction to all things shiny.

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  • PS

    Great – now the exit security from companies and government offices doing classified work have to look at all the combs to see if they hold memory chips… this device obviously has been designed for just such activity

  • Sies

    Why not? Because the hair this comb collects will eventually disappear in my computer. Because I keep my comb in the bathroom. Because it’s not very portable.


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