Tele Scouter: Japan’s NEC Takes Aim At Interpreters With Head Mounted Projection Device

Japan’s NEC hopes to do away with the need of human translators/interpreters with a new system that they are hoping to bring to market. The visible parts of the Tele Scouter are an eyepiece, a front-mounted camera and mic, and a small computer that the user wears around his or her waist.

The camera/mic combination picks up sound, the computer transmits it to a server that translates it then sends it back and the eyepiece projects a translation in a pre-selected language onto the user’s eyeball.

The initial plans for the device are for providing engineers with high-resolution guides and manuals to help with the installation and repair of equipment. Considering the price-tag of about $8.2 million for a single system that could serve up to 30 people, I would say that the products that they are aiming to support are their supercomputers, which can have multi-million dollar price-tags on their own.

They are planning on selling 1000 of the systems over the next three years. [CNET]


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